Phone: 819-647-6424

Café 349
349 Main Street
Beside the National Bank
Shawville, Québec

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About Us

Hours of Operation / Heures d'Ouvertures

Monday 8am-4pm / Lundi 8h00-16h00

Tuesday 8am-4pm / Mardi 8h00-16h00

Wednesday 8am-4pm / Mercredi 8h00-16h00

Thursday 8am- 4pm / Jeudi 8h00-16h00

Friday 8am-8pm / Vendredi 8h00-20h00

Saturday 8am-4pm / Samedi 8h00-14h00

Sunday Closed / Dimache Fermée

A few words about us

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Since the official opening in October of 2002 we have made it our mission to provide wholesome foods prepared with the finest ingredients, as you would in your own home.

At Café 349 we serve fresh and often home-grown ingredients in stylish presentations of robust proportions.

We offer a full menu along with ever-changing “featured lunches” designed to tempt your tastebuds.

The combination of delicious homemade food and hand-crafted artwork creates a dining experience which is in perfect harmony with the café’s tranquil atmosphere and inviting décor. We are continuously attempting to improve and expand on what we have to offer our customers.

Ruth Smiley-Hahn, Proprietor